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Who I am

Hey, what’s going on! I’m an author of four short story collections, one cozy mystery, two op-eds, and co-author of one spy thriller with more books on the way. I thoroughly love my craft, and when a project is completed, I am overwhelmed by my excitement and joy! I look forward to having the world of readers get immense pleasure spending their time with my characters, plots, and outcomes.

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My Mission Statement

My goal is to provide the best possible experience for all readers of my books. I pledge to put all I have into my work so that all those who come into contact with my literature will laugh, be thrilled, think about things differently, experience a wide range of emotions, and become a better person a result. My hope and intent is that any audience member reading the words I write will be inspired to improve themselves in some way so that they can feel fulfilled in the same way I do as an author.

My Passion

Ever since I was little, I was drawn to and captivated by books. Spending countless hours in the library, both to read and check out books was a spellbinding thrill to me and as such it has etched a mark in my body, heart, and soul upon writing these words. While school and grades were a high priority to me growing up, I still managed numerous times to skip school just to read and write stories. (What a nerd!) Winning numerous competitions from grade school all the way through law school and beyond, such as those in newspapers and magainzes, I've been happy with displaying my characters and puzzles for people to be entertained by. Since I’ve written stories my whole life and I’m grateful that people love to read them, , I hope the world continues to enjoy reading my literature as I much as I enjoy writing it.

A Cold Night in Marseilles Cover for Pub

A Cold Night in Marseilles: Kat Tessen Thriller File #1

May 22nd, 2024

The first volume of the Kat Tessen Series has arrived for your pleasure! Your new favorite spy is all set for some international intrigue with you - Buy a copy today!

"Hold onto your hat and buckle up. The protagonist Kat Tessen, a brilliant and resilent CIA operative renowended for her strategic prowess, finds herself falsely accused in an assassination plot. Determined to reclaim her innocence, she enlists the support of a trusted DGSE ally in France. Together, they work together through different jams to clear her name. Actiona packed!" 
Nunya - Amazon Review

"If you like action, thrill, and suspense, this is it. The novel starts and finishes with a bang! The protagonist is a strong female lead and her   bravery and wit will make it worthwhile. The plot and storyline is brilliant and moves in a fast pace. It managed to keep me hooked till the very end."
Pritam Sharma
 Amazon Review

"'A Cold Night in Marseilles' is a gripping debut in the Kat Tessen Series. With a fast-paced plot, vivid settings, and a strong, relatable heroine, it promises an exciting journey for thriller fans." 
erin alexander - Amazon Review 

"This is a brilliant spy in an action-packed story full of twists and turns. A must-read for anyone who loves thrillers!"
Nicolas Leblanc - Amazon Review

"'A Cold Night in Marseilles: Kat Tessen Thriller File #1' is a gripping, edge-of-your-seat novel that keeps you guessing until the very end. Katherine Tessen, a cool-headed CIA agent, is framed as a terrorrist and must clear her name while stopping assassination attempts on world leaders. The fast-paced narrative takes you through the stunning cities of France, with Kat dodging FBI, CIA, MI6, and DGSE agents. Her battle isn't just external; she's also struggling with a hidden schizo-affective disorder and a complex family history. The suave Pierre Duprix adds depth to the story, making this an unforgettable read. Highly reccommended for fans of action-packed thrillers."
Flore - Amazon Review

"This book hooked me from page one! Action-packed and full of suspense, bu what sets it apart is the depth of the main character. Kat Tessen isn't your typical spy; she's flawed, complex, and incredibly relatable. The authors skillfully weaves her personal struggles into the high-stakes plot, making for a gripping read that's hard to put down. From the streets of Marseilles to the corridors of power, this is a thriller with heart. Highly recommend for anyone craving a thrilling ride with substance."
Sue O 
- Amazon Review

"I love spy thrillers and really enjoyed this. The mental illness angle gave this a great twist and I thought the character of Kat Tessen was really fleshed out and fun to follow. I like the way the authors created scenes, and added all the little details you want in a spy novel, without getting too bogged down or slowing the pace too much. This is very well done, and I would recomend this to any fan of Robert Ludlum." 
Justine - Amazon Review

"An ingenious and strong tactical spy for the CIA, she is framed for an assassination attempt and must clear her name. She recruits help from a DGSE contact in France to not only escape her predicament but also prevent the actual international crime from being committed. While combating agents from  being committed. While combating agents from the CIA, MI6, and DGSE, Kat must also manage a mental disability she has hidde from the agency. This female-led espionage story emphasizes doing the right thing and excelling at one's job despite overwhelming challenges." 
Jake Jacob Jingleheimer - Amazon Review

"'A Cold Night in Marseilles: Kat Tessen Thriller File #1' is a novel that makes the reader feel like reading the book until the end in one sitting. CIA agent Katherine Tessin is accused of being a terrorrist and needs to quickly and effectively clear her name. In the midst of trying to protect world leaders and clear her name from accusations, she also needs to know how to deal with other serious personal problems. Great read, I recommend it to anyone who appreciates good literature."
 Amazon Review

"I love Kat Tessen's adventure. Worth the read!." 
Miguyver - Amazon Review 

"It is an absolute page-turner! From the very first chapter, the story plunges you into a whirlwind of action, intrigue, and suspense. Kat Tessen is a brilliantly crafted character -- sharp, resourceful, and grappling with her own personal demons, which makes her all the more relatable. Her journey through the streets of France, evading various intelligence agencies, is thrilling and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The plot is tightly woven with unexpected twists and turns that make it hard to put the book down. I particularly enjoyed the dynamic between Kat and Pierre Duprix; their partnership adds a layer of complexity and charm to the narrative. The vivid descriptions of Marseilles, and the intricate details of the spy world are immersive, making you feel like you're right there in the middle of the action."
  TETIANA B.- Amazon Review

"'A Cold Night in Marseilles' is an exciting and intellectually stimulating spy novel that skillfully combines thrilling action, suspensful moments, and complex ethical dilemmas. Kat Tessen's well-developed and engaging character makes her struggles and triumphs compelling, keeping us invested in her story. Unlike typical spy thrillers, the author pays special attention to integrity and professionalism. The flow of the story is just right, and the author's writing style brings the reader into the story with vivid details.

Enthusiasts of spy thrillers will discover plenty to appreciate in 'A Cold Night in Marseilles', the first installment of the Kat Tessen Thriller File series. Potential to become a classic, IMO."

Cherry-Ann Carew  - Amazon Review

"Join Kat Tessen, a talented CIA spy who was set up for a crime she didn't commit, who goes on an exciting adventure. Her bravery and inventiveness are evident as she works against the clock to clear her name and avert a global emergency. This espionage thriller is a must-read for fans of complex storylines and strong, varied characters, with twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat and a protragonist handling personal issues with elegance."
Chris Alef 
- Amazon Review

"Just finished 'A Cold Night in Marseilles', and wow, what a ride! Kat Tessen is the kind of badass female spy we've all been waiting for -- sharp, resourceful, and unyieldingly moral, even when everything is stacked against her. Framed for an assassination, she teams up with a DGSE contact in a heart-pounding race to clear her name and stop a looming international crime. The book is packed with intense action, unexpected twists, and witty banter, especially between Kat and Pierre. What truly sets it apart is how it handles Kat's hidden mental disability with with honesty and sensitivity, adding depth to her character. Fast-paced, emotionally charged, and incredibly engaging, this spy thriller is a must-read for anyone who loves a strong protagonist and a well-crafted plot!" 
 Andrea B. - Amazon Review

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J.S. Mason.jpg

Whisky Hernandez

October 27th, 2022

The first volume of the Whisky Hernandez Series is here for you to experience! Your new favorite cozy mystery detective is ready to solve the case with you - Buy a copy today!

"Whisky should just have sleuth as her full-time job as how she is solving these crimes. What a wonderful read. The author makes you feel Whisky is imperfect in which made her humanized and not some super Sherlock Holmes. If you're into another good crime read - this, I recommend!"

Wayne Bui, Dot Trend, Inc. - Amazon Review

"When you mix fun, mystery and danger, you have yourself a highly exciting story line and a book that is hard to put down the moment you start reading it. Characters are carefully created, and you can relate to as you read the book. I think the most beautiful thing about the book is humor coming from the characters. Makes for the perfect comic relief in the face of danger." 

Ejeks - Amazon Review

"Great mystery story with some great twists. Great read on a cold night wrapped in a blanket. You can't go wrong with this book. Check it out."

Samantha - Amazon Review

"I enjoyed this book. I feel like it's perfect to read late into the night sitting by a fireplace with hot cocoa. The protagonist was also an interesting character. I really enjoyed this." 

Emily Sawyer - Amazon Review

"This book was different from the ones I usually read, with simpler storylines, therefore I really loved it. There were a couple of unforeseen narrative turns that piqued my curiosity throughout each chapter and had me wondering what would happen next. I had to restrain myself while reading this book because I brought it with me on vacation. It's the kind of novel that, when finished, leaves you wanting more."

Sener Mestan - Amazon Review

"Wonderfully crafted mystery that unfolds with captivating action and intrigue! A baffling crime has been committed, and the government—relying on its world-class detective Whisky Hernandez to solve it.

J.S. Mason did a great job of immersing their readers into a world most people are unfamiliar with: that of crime investigators and detectives who, for the benefit of those who have never had exposure to them, will be fascinated by this glimpse into their daily lives and work ethic.

I enjoyed this book because it is different from the mysteries I normally read, with more straightforward storylines. However, there were still a few unexpected plot twists that kept me interested in what would happen next throughout each chapter.
One of the things that keeps drawing me into this series are the characters—they all have strong voices and personalities despite being fictional! The characters in this book have a depth that is unique and I enjoyed seeing how they changed over the course of their lives.
If you are looking for something different from your typical crime novel, then pick up Whisky Hernandez today!"

Reviewer - Amazon Review

"If you are looking for a fast fun read then Whisky Hernandez is just for you. It is definitely cozy mystery with a fun cast of characters. The main protagonist, Whisky, is a very interesting character with a little bit of sarcastic wit to her. She seems to be one step ahead and probably should make private sleuthing her primary gig. Perfect beach or plane read."

Ronald A Plante - Amazon Review

"This was a fun start to a mystery series. It was bursting with humor, action, and suspense. I love the feisty female lead and adore her very unique animal companion. I think that this series is sure to be a hit."

Review Fairy - Amazon Review


A Dragon, A Pig, and a Rabbi Walk into a Bar...and Other Rambunctious Bites

July 21st, 2021

The fourth installment of the ...And Other  Series has finally arrived! Stock-piled with a compedium of laughs, uproarious hilarity, and retropsection contemplation are embedded in this collection! Order a copy today!

Dragon Pig  Kindle Cover 2_edited.jpg

"I simply love, love, love this book! In our chaotic, divisive world, this collection of 12 stories is a breath of fresh air! You will laugh, cry, think, and wish this book would never end. But first you need to open your mind to the possibility of an alternative reality, where animals and inanimate objects talk, and things are never as they seem. Author J.S. Mason uses comedy, satire, sarcasm, witty dialogue and immense creativity to bring 169 pages in this book to life. It's light-hearted and silly, but also moralistic and deep."

I am so impressed with this book that I intend to purchase several copies as gifts. If you are looking for a momentary escape from the world around you, this is the book to read. I highly reccomend it. Enjoy!

AngelaDawn Haywood - Amazon Review

"A compilation of short stories that is both entertaining and insightful. Its creativity, weirdness, and anthropomorphic humor will make you think of vintage cartoons. It's a lot of fun and suitable for all types of readers." 

Marie Antoniette Bernabe- Amazon Review

"If you haven't picked up any work from this author do it. This book is so witty and clever, honestly. If you have a kind of sardonic and sarcastic personality this is something you would be into." 

Gabriela - Amazon Review 

"This collection of short stories will have you looking for more after each story is finished! Great read, I went on to purchase two other books from this author."

Ashley Keihn - Amazon Review

"I really wish I could discipline myself to read a book like this once a month. It would change everything about me. I take myself too seriously and this book is written for people like me. What a fun read!"

Chauncey Moore - Amazon Review

"This book reminds me of funny stories my uncle used to tell me. At the start you'd be like, huh? By the middle you're like, this guy is crazy. At the end you usuually see the point, but if you didn't, you'd see it a few days later after reflection. These fun, short stories always have a point. Sometimes funny, sometimes meaningful, and sometimes both." 

Elizabeth Gardner - Amazon Review

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
Satyrist  Kindle Cover 2_edited.jpg

The Satyrist...And Other Scintillating Treats

December 25th, 2020

The Third Installment of the ...And Other  Series is waiting to be read by you! Even more hilarious, outrageous, thought-provoking fun is awaiting in these pages! Pick up your copy today!

"A fantastic collection of stories! The author's voice and storytelling is excellent. I loved each story. The characters are memorable and easy to invest in no matter the tale. I highly recommend this title. Each has great world building filled with humor, wit, and intense emotions." 

Allan - Amazon Review

"The author is insanely creative. I absolutely love this book :)  Do yourself a favor and check it out. It's like Alice in Wonderland meets Inception. I am soooo grateful I gave it a shot. It's so fun, quirky, and hilarious!" 

Chandler Kitching - Amazon Review

"This book is an escape from the long novels full of suspense and a plot that goes on forever. You have to suspend reality with this book because the animals talk, the mummy owns a bandage shop, and wit and sarcasm abound. This book is funny, sharp and made me smile. A very nice change of pace and one we all need."

msputsey- Amazon Review

"A delightful, enchanting read. The stories are a delight. Very well written with whimsical, imaginative storylines. I absolutely loved all the stories, especially the one about the vegetarian shark. Please pick this one up and give it a try. You will not regret it."

Cynthia - Amazon Review

"There is nothing more enjoyable than something different, and this collection of stories is simply that...well, not that simple! I teach poetry and literature and I love to discuss wacky, unique, fun and creatively unusual stories and characters, so this did not disappoint. If you read this book, please keep it's originality in mind and also remember that diversity in genre is extremely important to fiction. I enjoyed this fast read and I will remind mysef to read it again when I need a pick me up from this crazy world."  

Mark R. Snyder Jr.  - Amazon Review

"The walrus escaped from the taffy truck and commanded the reigns to sprinke my rose garden as repentance for lost wages of sin and corruption bearing in mind that Aphid David was not a document at all but a bug who was what the repentence was all about...No - I can't do it the way Mason does it. LONG sentences, a meandering stream of consciousness, funny, satirical and all done with flair. I would need a visit from the ghost of Jonathan Winters to go on. The book was great fun. Fables about a mother duck and her kids being pulled over by a cop for waddling. A mummy who "owned a bandage shop right next to a hemophiliac clinic". Fast-paced, spell-binding, mind-blowing, and inventive. Crazy, fun stuff that I highly recommend for a scintillating evening."

wild redberry - Amazon Review

Image by David Clode
Image by James Wainscoat

The Ghost Therapist...And Other Grand Delights

April 30th, 2020

This second installment of the ...And Other  Series is even quirkier, but just as fun as my previous one. This book comprises 3 short stories, 2 novelettes, and 1 novella. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!

Ghost Kindle Cover 2_edited.jpg

"J.S. Mason is having a wonderful time and invites you to do the same with his collection of oddball ghost stories. If you like spoken word, then you'll have no problem. If you like improv jazz or improv comedy, for that matter, you'll have no problem. Basically, the better read you are, the more flexible you'll be with Mason's rollicking prose. Is there room for refinement of sentence structure? Perhaps. But I wouldn't lose the forest for the trees. It's Mason's voice, sense of humor, and unique vision that is to be celebrated here. Lots of anthropomorphic fun to be found here and with a sophistication intended for an adult reader."

Henry Chamberlain - Amazon Review

"I get, from the reviews, that some people really, really don't understand the appeal of absurdist humor. But if you like Charlie Chaplin, or the most outrageous moments of the Marx Brothers, or even some of the depictions of Hunter S. Thompson, this gonzo, nearly hallucinogenic humor WILL have you laughing so hard you'll need carpet cleaner just to get your tears of amusement out of the rug.
Highly recommended, and coming from a surrealist, that means a lot."

The Dark Lord - Amazon Review

"I consumed all delightful six tales of ... Crazy satire is right up my alley, mind you; this book won't be for everyone. When you take a walk outside and come across some person with a resting b*tch face, those are the type of people that wouldn't enjoy these fine tales. I enjoyed Mason's analogies that were either to get the reader thinking deeper about life or simply to entertain in screwball fashion. Perhaps J.S. Mason is a reincarnation of Edgar Allen Poe, and perhaps he's a product of the CIA's MK-Ultra project and is permanently tripping on LSD. I highly recommend these six humorous tales that let the cat out of the existential bag. I'm so glad that Mason is permafried. I'm looking forward to his next guffawing tales."

J. Minag - Amazon Review

"I thought this was comedic and enlightening and these stories took me to another place mentally. I love how different it is from most things I read. It creates a new world where it opens the mind to different perspectives often through comedic dialogue, for example conversations with a ghost. I love the character's name Paptaloo and the writing seems to go on funny descriptive tangents like this 'The man across the road waved Paptaloo across to the saloon doors where he resided, like the person at the airport with those glowing cones who somehow fight the urge to wage battle on their fellow co-workers who are also armed with the same weapons, or equipment, depending on whether or not you are an employee...' Great stories."

Tarek Hassan - Amazon Review

"This series of short stories, told with comedic expression, incorporate birds, animals, and sea-life to illustrate the waywardness that is often found with human behavior. The elements of humor within each story is complemented by scenarios that challenge the intentions of every main fictitious character. For example, an ape eating cookies during the middle of a lion’s challenge because his sugar is too low or a penguin throwing fish back because they have tickets holding their place in line at a deli. Truly hilarious! However, some stories in the series may test comfort level with humor deemed morally inappropriate, especially for younger audiences. Nevertheless, Author Mason’s writing style is very descriptive and provides unique visuals that lend themselves to adult animation. Conversely, sentence structure could be revisited in some areas to ensure clarity and consistency with flow. Yet, the storylines have originality. Hopefully, we will get to see this series on the big screen someday!"

ButterflyLornaJ - Amazon Review

"This is my second time to enjoy Author J. S Mason’s quirky short stories. This read came at a time when I could no longer bear another book about vampire love, alien war, or assassin redemption. For reasons I don’t fully understand, I related to Mason’s animal-eye view of the world. It is silly and metaphorical with flashes of great writing. Mason’s books remind me of wines that are to be sipped, never guzzled. This is a niche market, out-of-the-box book that not everyone will appreciate as much as I did. My favorite: The Ghost Therapist."

Lawson - Amazon Review

Image by Dušan Veverkolog
Stork  Kindle Cover 2.jpg

The Stork Ate My Brother...And Other Totally Believable Stories

December 2nd, 2019

Welcome to the first installment of the ...And Other Series, which holds within its pages anthropomorphic hilarity that will excite and thrill you with fun quirky times in every story. Get it today!

"Pick up this book with the understanding that it will be a little on the abstract side. Just like any art form, there are those who love abstract art and those who don't. What's undeniable is the writer's prose: it is metaphorical and descriptive and, as a journalist, will make me a better writer. That's the highest praise I can give a book - that it made me a better person after consuming it."

Warrior Lodge - Amazon Review

"It is a short story collection told from a mega-creative perspective about the lives of animals and inanimate objects and who things effect their existence.
Brilliantly spun with wonderful endings.
I loved 'Rupert the Piñata' accounting for the life and death of a piñata! Just when I thought the story was going "dark", the author lifts the darkness and twists it into light.
J.S. Mason is wickedly talented. I love how he sets the character and scene within the first sentence. He gets right to the point and then his enchanting story begins. J.S. Mason is the new breed of Aseop or Hans Christian Anderson for adults.
J.S. Mason weaves a beautiful little fairy tale within every chapter.
In his dedication he makes special mention of his "wonderfully spectacularly perfect parents".
If they were the ones that inspired J.S. Mason's amazing story telling abilities... he must have had an enchantingly wonderful childhood.
I gather that he did."

JaguarXJ - Amazon Review

"I have to say, I have never read anything like this.
After reading the first few chapters, it dawned on me. The material in this book was likely written by a rogue AI module from MIT's media lab (or it must have been written by the homeless, jobless Teletubby crew on acid.) Why else would the author hide his/her/its identity with no profile picture whatsoever? But I guess what was more important was the content's unique, psychedelic, dream-like composition painted with the same paintbrush that created the yellow submarine. I am not sure if I love or despise this book, because of the constant shift in storylines and the introduction of space-time warping and its abundant cast of unbelievable and incredible creatures (which can all talk, mind you) really made me nauseous like I just got hammered by reading his chapters. But isn't that what fun is all about?
One thing I'm still pissed is that I don't get why the title is called "The Stork Ate my Brother," because if you actually read the book as I did, the Stork certainly did NOT eat her brother."

QuetiFifiDad - Amazon Review

"First, J.S. Mason is a helluva writer. He demonstrates an ability to take absurdity to a new level where nothing really makes sense but everything hangs together in ilogic brilliance. Second, the stories are really funny because the characters steer you along a path of potholes and pitfalls full of whoopee cushions. There were a few stories that became tedious and I though could have been edited, but all-in-all full of stories you’ll want to re-read."

jonathan harries  - Amazon Review

"Humorous writing can be very difficult to pull off. With The Stork Ate My Brother this author pulls off an anthology of tales that work. Fresh, funny, fast and highly enjoyable. The stories themselves are eclectic and original, filled with surprises and entertaining writing. If you like funny, insightful, and talented writers this is the short story collection for you."

B. Stack - Amazon Review

"Listen, I totally understand why this would put some people off. It's absolutely, unequivocally batshit insane. There's no explicit logic, no smooth transition from story to story, and ever-changing rules that turn belief on its head. But, I LOVED it. Each chapter had its own flair, its own beauty. Some contained surreal violence, others contained innocent exploration and discovery. There's nary a boring page in the book as there's always something that will throw you off when you think you have a clue as to what to expect next. Unpredictable, beautifully written and unapologetically weird. This is a book entirely of its own kind!"

Jacob Hobbs - Amazon Review

Image by Pascal van de Vendel

Quote from Latest Book

Golden Eagle for Sites.jpg

A Cold Night in Marseilles: Kat Tessen Thriller File #1

"A spy for a spy just makes for another lie."

Quote from Previous Book

Baby pig close up looking at the camera at Lavalleja, Uruguay_edited.jpg

Whisky Hernandez

"The pair of them were sans socks so beneath their footwear they were matching and going toe-to-toe."

Quote From Another Previous Book

Image by Darren Welsh

A Dragon, A Pig, and A Rabbi Walk into a Bar...and Other Rambunctious Bites

"Don't judge a book by its cover because the criminal justice system is already overcrowded as it is."

Quotes From More Previous Books

Image by Brianna Reak
Image by Kevin Mueller

The Satyrist...And Other Scintillating Treats

"And to make matters worse, the two deer shining the lanterns inside the ambulance’s headlights were tired and explained through an intercom system that would not be working again until the morning."

The Ghost Therapist...And Other Grand Delights

"Au contraire, and because I said that, that makes me French, unlike the Englishman at a Paris auction house who raised his '3' paddle after a Frenchman yelled, 'I bid you adieu.'"

The Stork Ate My Brother...And Other Totally Believable Stories

"He threw caution to the wind. Caution was not too fond of the wind and would later seek revenge on him for this treacherous debauchery.”

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